Wendy L. Strin, LMFT # 52518


I have over six years of experience providing problem-solving, solution-focused and evidence-based therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment to adults, children, adolescents, couples and older adults (age 55+) .  I've worked in a variety of settings including: an in-patient residential substance abuse treatment center;  a program for home-bound older adults; elementary schools and continuing education high schools; a sexual assault treatment center and many community counseling centers throughout the San Fernando Valley. 

I have lived in the San Fernando Valley all of my life.  I am a mother of two adult children and I'm devoting my full attention to my private practice.  Ever since I was a young girl,  I  wanted to be in a helping profession.  As a child I thought I wanted to help animals, so I converted my garage into an animal rescue and found homes for many lost dogs.  While my children were attending elementary school,  I became a substitute elementary school teacher enjoying helping the many children I came to meet.  When my children started middle school, I decided I wanted to become a therapist and started my masters program in clinical psychology so I could eventually help children and adults on a more individual basis. I believe therapy should be easily affordable for anyone wanting to explore their lives, their purpose and their potential.  I am working diligently to become a member of as many insurance panels as possible, so everyone wanting therapy can participate.  

The client is the expert of their life. The therapist is a conduit for change. Through empathic listening, validation, collaboration and a mindful approach to therapy, development of a strong relationship happens and change can occur.



My minor in child development and major in Psychology coupled with my Master's Degree in Psychology, has given me insight into all age groups, many ethnicities, populations and cultures.  I have worked with young mothers and toddlers teaching modeling behavior, children, adults, and the elderly on a variety of issues; from improving their self esteem to overcoming depression, anxiety, loss, and life's many transitions.  I believe it is through compassion, empathy and love, plus a lot of many life experiences, intuition and professional skill and knowledge that enables me to help people process their problems in a mindful way.  I feel a great deal of accomplishment when I can assist another being in fulfilling their dreams and desires.